July 29, 2014

Square Challenge

free square challenge - 2 downloads of shape fun

We’re ready to share more fun with shapes!  Print this Square Challenge for your little ones to practice drawing, coloring, and finding shapes. This free download is 2 pages of square fun plus a few Lego blocks to color!!   The Square Challenge offers: 1. square maze – find your way to the center of a giant […]

Circle Challenge

circle challenge

circle circle dot dot, now you got your cootie shot! We are offering a Circle Challenge! This free download is 2 pages of circle fun. The Circle Challenge offers: 1. circle maze – find your way to the center of a giant circle 2. circle tracing and coloring practice 3. circle scavenger hunt – find […]

Mom, You Need Your Own Bible Time

mom you need your own bible time

This past year I taught a bible study for homeschoolers at our church. It was a Precepts Ministry book, and it was good. I loved teaching the class. But I learned little since the class was geared for 2nd-5th graders … not a 37 year old mom. I believe God’s Word does not return void. […]

Easy (and quick) Ways to Serve Tomatoes

easy ways to serve tomatoes

I have always loved tomatoes, and I know they are healthy for you.  But it seems like I’m not getting enough of a serving or they just end up forgotten in the bottom of a salad bowl.  I need Easy (and quick) Ways to Serve Tomatoes. Why? Tomato Facts! Curious about the benefits of eating these […]

1001 Things to Spot fun activity books for math

1001 things to spot

On vacation Great Aunt Alyce picked up a few books for the boys. Something quiet for them to do while we talked. One of the activity books we are loving … for math! This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy here. 1001 Things to Spot I didn’t think much about […]

What’s Next 2014


We just spent a wonderful week in MA – I will be sharing where to go and what wasn’t so fabulous next week. During the long drives I kept asking myself, “what’s next for this blog?” and of course, ”what Math curriculum are we going to use next year?” What’s Next? I do not have a […]

5 Lego July 4th Ideas

5 Lego July 4th Ideas

While the Legos are out grab the red, white, and blue bricks to create some patriotic fun!  We’ve put together 5 Lego July 4th Ideas! Lego creations are fun, educational, and great for those “down time” moments.  Challenge your children to build something with their Legos! 5 Lego July 4th Ideas * Lego American Flag – […]

WHY YOGA? Or, should Christians do yoga?

should Christians do yoga

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of yoga {almost} daily since May 1st. So, why yoga? Surely a “Christian” mother should find something more Kingdom glorifying than flaunting around in little tight clothes and putting my body in less than modest positions. <~ I always try to make sure I’m covered for […]

Weekly Wrap Up – Boston and Facebook

boston trip

I am wrapping up this week getting ready for a mega Early American History field trip to Boston, MA! We are crazy excited to spend Independence Day where it all started! We’ll be throwing tea off boats, walking The Freedom Trail, visiting The Old North Church, seeing old cemeteries, and checking out so many other […]

Transportation Unit Study Resources

transportation unit study resources

Are you traveling this summer? You might enjoy some of these transportation unit study resources for the road! Transportation Unit Study Resources You don’t have to be a homeschool mom to make your family vacations educational.  Thanks to a little help from DK Publishing, I have gathered a few ideas to share in hopes of […]