April 23, 2014

Insect Lore Lady Bug Land Review

lady bugs

This month we’ve been all about BUGS! I could not be more excited to share this Insect Lore Lady Bug Land Review! We have never kept or raised bugs.  The only time we tried the butterfly thang – a week later hubs accidentally mowed down our milkweed plants.  I was very excited Insect Lore had sent […]

get off your butt

get off your butt

I’d love to say that’s just a witty title to get you to read my blog post about something in depth and wicked smart. But I’m serious. If you want to loose weight, tone up flab, or even remain active … get off your butt! This month I declared April to be Arms Month! I’ve […]

Hands-On Empty Tomb Ideas

hands-on empty tomb ideas

Are you looking for more great Easter ideas for your tactile learners? We have just a few Hands-On Empty Tomb Ideas.  Sunday is beautiful – the empty tomb! Jesus is alive! Hands-On Empty Tomb Ideas Recreate the empty tomb with Legos – be sure to include the angel, rock rolled away, and the “shocked” soldier. […]

Hands-On Good Friday Ideas

hands-on good friday ideas

I continue to seek out unique ways to celebrate Easter this year with my oldest son. I’m coming up with a few Hands-On Good Friday Ideas. Easter is a beautiful holiday, and I think we should spend more focus on it.   Naturally, when my son thinks about Good Friday he thinks about the crucifixion […]

Hands-On Last Supper Ideas

hands-on last supper ideas

Easter is right around the corner and I’m sharing Hands-On Last Supper Ideas. Why these tactile activities?  Lately I’ve been asking myself, how do you experience the Last Supper (Matthew 26:17-30) with your 11yr old son who has done it many times before? Since we’re hands-on in most everything ~ why not holidays too? Jesus […]

Weekly Wrap Up – friends


First and most importantly, I want to thank the lovely weekly-wrap-up readers who were so generous to share a comment and take the time to offer loving encouragement with me a few weeks ago.  I so appreciate your words and your time here!  Therefore, I offer this week’s wrap up to those friends. Science class […]

12 Real Insects – Review

12 real insects

If you do not like bugs or your children do not want to touch bugs – I found the perfect resource for you! This post may contain affiliate or advertiser links. Read my full disclosure policy here. 12 Real Insects First let’s talk about the cost. I purchased this case of 12 real bugs from Amazon […]

April Arm Challenge

april arm collage

I am working on an April Arm Challenge! Why arms? I live in Florida – summer here brings out one style of clothing … sleeveless. April Arm Challenge Why just “arms”.   First – when I look at overall health and pounds I get easily overwhelmed.  I haven’t had much success because I am one […]

when your heart isn’t in sponsoring a child anymore

when your heart isn't in sponsoring a child anymore

In years past I have sponsored 3 different children in 3 different countries thru the same company. The photos of them in dirty clothes and sad faces tugged so deeply on my mama heart, I jumped to sign up and give. After two years of sending money, Christmas money, and birthday money … we received […]

Hands-On BUGS!

hands-on bugs

“Bugs are neat, but they have a million legs.” my 6yr old declares. I remind him that they only really have 6-legs, that all insects have 6 legs. He looks at me confused and asks, “what’s an insect?” You know, the moment you remember all those amazing flying, creepy, crawly things you did years ago […]