September 3, 2014

Pursue the Word: Quiet

word study - pursue the word

Is it me or has social media gotten loud? I feel like everyone wants me to click here, like this, watch that, share this, enter now, etc. etc. etc. There is little quiet online. Some days – there is little quiet in my schedule. Has life gotten loud?  School dropping off, picking up, karate, Awana, bible […]

Pursue the Word: hope

word study - pursue the word

I recently wrote a post about moms getting into the Word for themselves. It’s important that we are seeking God for our own hearts and not just on behalf of our children’s!   But we get busy.   Today I felt the tug to return to my joy of hunting verses by word.  My friend […]

Weekly Wrap Up – bilbo baggins is an emotional eater

weekly wrap up August 22

I might explode with thankfulness – this week was amazing! It started with an overnight trip to our long time – long distance friends to see their newest sweetest little bundle of boy joy. It’d had been almost a year since we were last together. {I hate busy}.   Then came the ice bucket challenge. […]

Who Cares About the Ice Bucket Challenge?

ice bucket challenge

I first saw the “ice bucket challenge” online when Greg Norman (professional golfer) dumped a bucket on his head. I had no idea why but knew it’d go crazy on social media. We obviously pay celebrities and athletes too much money if they have nothing better to do with their time! Who Cares About the […]

DIY Flash Cards

diy flash cards

I might have an unhealthy addiction to Flash Cards! I believe flash cards are a great resource for 3 reasons! 1. flash cards require little storage space yet are filled with great amounts of information! 2. flash cards are repetitive and help visual learners with word association. 3. flash cards practice time / speed drills. […]

Hands-On Homeschool

hands-on homeschool

What makes a great homeschool? Is it messy projects? Get free from that thinking and find out what works for y’all! I want to share that being “involved” makes you a great “hands-on” homeschool mom!   Listen to more Audio Snippets of Encouragement

You CAN Homeschool

you CAN Homeschool

Ever feel overwhelmed you can’t do this homeschool thing? Maybe it’s lack of college education? Lack of resources? Lack of family understanding and support? Lack of faith? Your God is bigger than all of that!   Let me share why I believe you CAN homeschool!  

Lego Fire Safety

lego fire safety tips

Are you teaching your children fire safety? I went through the whole list of fire safety tips, drills, practice, and plans with my first son.  We could have won fire safety awards!  However many years later … I’ve been a bit lazy teaching my youngest. Sometimes I just assume he knows what to do.  Maybe […]

Boston Field Trip

boston field trip

this post contains affiliate links. a* Are you ready for our mega Boston Field Trip?! I am excited to share this trip with you.  Our family has been looking forward to the history, sites, and visiting my 85 yr old Great Aunt!  We drove from Florida all the way to Boston. The Guide DK Eyewitness Travel […]

Chores and Finding a Good Currency

chores and finding a good currency

Have you seen this question lately, “Should kids get paid to do chores?” For me, it’s not a matter of rewarding hard work … my debate with chores is finding a good currency! We started paying our boys cash for certain weekly work around the house. These few dollars added up for Lego sets and Pokemon […]