October 31, 2014

31 Days of Legos Day 31 witch hat

lego witch hat

We made it! Happy 31 Days of Legos is over … err I mean, Happy Halloween! 31 Days of Legos Day 31 Witch Hat Today you can make a witch hat to wrap up 31 lego creations! Or … ding dong …. Build one of our favorite trick or treat lego superheroes! Left to right: […]

31 Days of Legos Day 30 Candy Corn

candy corn

Happy National Candy Corn Day! Seriously, there is a “national day” to celebrate 7 calories of corn syrup! 31 Days of Legos Day 30 Candy Corn Today have your candy lover build a lego candy corn! This one is easy and screams “Halloween”! Once you figure out the right color order of course {any excuse […]

Visit Georgia Soon

visit georgia soon

Every year about fall time we head out of Florida to see some color. We love Florida but it does not offer much colorful foliage. We had the great opportunity to take a little road trip to North Georgia this past week. I’m sharing two stops we made: Helen, GA and Stone Mountain Park that I […]

31 Days of Legos Day 29 spiderweb

lego spiderweb

Today make a spiderweb! 31 Days of Legos Day 29 Spiderweb Today build a spiderweb. It’s definitely not as easy as you might think.  Make one with Legos and then make one with duct tape! Or try weaving a web with a paper plate and yarn!  Don’t miss our lego spider and free science worksheet! 31 Days of […]

31 Days of Legos Day 28 St Louis Arch

lego st. louis arch

We interrupt our Halloween fall creations to celebrate a historical date. On this day in history: The St Louis Arch opened. 31 Days of Legos Day 28 St. Louis Arch Today your STEMist will enjoy building the St. Louis Arch. Read some interesting facts about this national landmark at Arch Facts.  We originally built the […]

31 Days of Legos Day 27 Batman

lego batman

I wish I could show you all the pictures of my boys dressed up like Batman. But it would take you days to scroll through them all. They come by their obsession interest naturally, I loved Adam West’s show! POW! BOOM! BANG! 31 Days of Legos Day 27 Batman Today build the Bat signal! I’d […]

31 Days of Legos Day 26 Spooky Tree

spooky lego tree

Remember our fall tree from Day 2? Today build a spooky tree. 31 Days of Legos Day 26 Spooky Tree Today have your lego fans build a “spooky tree” or “winter tree”. Because you know it’s not just spooky for Halloween it’s really a fall tree. This tree is a great place for yesterday’s owl […]

31 Days of Legos Day 25 Owl

lego owl

My favorite bird is an owl. There is something so beautiful about them! Fall always seems to highlight these nocturnal creatures. 31 Days of Legos Day 25 Owl Today let your STEMist build a lego owl. Our favorite science curriculum was Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the 5th Day. We took many bird related field trips […]

31 Days of Legos Day 24 Houdini

harry houdini

Today we are celebrating a great entertainer, Houdini!  Growing up I was always terrified of the live Harry Houdini shows on Halloween. I just assumed he died a horrific death in one of his straight jackets and drowned. Not the case! On this day in History in 1926 Harry Houdini preformed his last live act. I […]

31 Days of Legos Day 23 Spider

spiders worksheet

Halloween decorations are not my favorite – unless we can wrap them into a science lesson. Like the spider! {and maybe I can’t help myself and always have to say it just like MegaMind} 31 Days of Legos Day 23 Spider Today let your arachnid fans build a lego spider! At the time of this creepy […]