January 26, 2015

Tactile Tips

This week I am sharing a few Tactile Tips I hope will help your homeschool.  I share daily tactile tips at my facebook page, Educating Laytons Tactile Learning.

Tactile Tips

#1 Try Different Size Markers

You’d be surprised but there is something about different size markers for tactile kids. It’s sorta like that favorite pen you have? We have short, fat, thin, and everything inbetween!  If writing is still a drag – try a dry erase board!

#2 Use Balloons

Write big letters and small letters on balloons, put them all on the floor, play some music so the kids walk around, stop the music and watch them dive for “Big B” or “little b”. This is also a great game to play with Sight Words!   Shout the sight word and see if they can find it!

Then for a laugh … make them pop the balloons.  Seriously hilarious when little ones can not pop balloons. (I have mentioned before I am the school bully, right?)

#3 Forget sensory bins, go for Letter Bags

Okay, don’t forget sensory bins. I love the preschool blogs who do the sensory bins, but I think letter bags are much easier. Add everything of the same letter in the bag, blind fold kids, then let them guess what they’re holding.

For older kids focus on adjectives. So put everything of the same texture (or shape) in the bag (smooth, rough, round). Let them guess the adjective.

#4 Act it Out

We act out EVERYTHING – this hits the gross motor tactile kids. Reenact bible stories, historical events, plays, or even manners!  And it’s fun to watch a children’s presentation more so than some reality tv.

For discipline help – moms, try roll playing.  We acted out how to behave in the library and it did a world of good!

#5 Educational Flash Cards

Use Educational Flash Cards for tactile learners – it’s a great way to put things in alphabetical or chronological order because they can literally do it!  Get cheap flash cards at dollar stores or dollar bins.  Or make your own.  Print information, laminate, you’re welcome!  Memory work will get easier.

Do you have a tactile project to share this week? Tactile Tips? Or a hands-on learning Ingstagram shot? Link them up. Please link directly to your posts.

You never know how your idea will inspire another homeschool family!!

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  • Kathy Balman

    What fun ideas!

  • ali @ an ordinary mom

    I second the dry erase board! Not only are they just fun & cool for kids (especially if you get a black one and those cool flourescent markers!), but if you have it upright it can help with writing skills as it helps some kids who have troubles with grip & holding pencils the “right” way… We learned that in occupational therapy with one of my SPD kids :)
    One of my youngers still struggles big time with being able to hold a crayon or pencil anywhere near normally (it’s amazing the way she contorts her little hand on the things, I can’t even write at all when I try to hold it like her!), but she holds the marker in a more natural for writing position when writing upright on a dry erase board… So, hopefully with enough repitition, it will become more natural for her to hold a pencil in a more “normal” position. Some kids just take a LOT of repitition :)

    Anyway, fun post! I’ll have to get writing up some of the things we’ve learned through our SPD journies in the past couple years, and start linking up some weeks :)

    • Stef

      I look forward to seeing what you have to share!

  • Deb @ Living Montessori Now

    I really enjoy your tactile tips, Stef! I pinned your post to the collaborative Reading and Writing Readiness Board at http://pinterest.com/noflashcards/reading-writing-readiness/

    • Stef

      THANKS Deb – you’re the best!