January 31, 2015

Tactile Math Number Game

It’s raining it’s pouring, the old lady is painting on her tiles again! Are you ready for Tactile Math Number Game? Ditch the books one day and play math games. Your kids will thank you! <~ Tweet This!

Tactile Math Number Game
You will need paint and a ball. It’s that simple!

Mark off an area for your numbers.  Decide how many you want.  I like a nice long area, 4×4, or 4×5.  Scatter the numbers around when painting!  Depending on children’s math skils you will have to alternate the game. Roll a ball onto the numbers and have some fun.

Tactile Math Number Game

One Ball Number Games
* count up to that number
* count down from that number
* spell the number
* odd or even
* say the number in Spanish, French, or Latin

Two Ball Number Games
* addition
* subtraction
* multiplication
* greater than less than

* wait for the paint to dry, we use Crayola Washable Paint
* use a soft ball, this isn’t about strength (bean bags work great too, or rolled up socks)
* ask other children not to blurt out answers, but allow them opportunity to encourage siblings
* remember this is about fun, not beating a dead horse they didn’t memorize their 8 multiplication times tables, who me?!
* make it harder: count by 5′s, 10′s, 25′s, or 100′s
* not ready to paint your tiles? give it a try outside with Sidewalk Chalk

Math for Preschool:we downloaded an Umizoomi Math app for my mini the boy wants to play every morning!

I’m eyeing their Team Umizoomi: Numbers, Counting & Patterns Pre-K Math Kit before he outgrows them!

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    What a wonderful link up – Tactile Tuesday – I love it! I’m looking forward to visiting regularly :-) Lucinda

  • Stacey

    Love this! As soon as the weather warms up we are doing this. Thanks for the idea. You inspire me.

    • Stef

      thanks – I surprise myself! =)

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    this is great!!! Thanks so much