December 20, 2014

Tactile Learning: Lego Math Fractions

I absolutely hated math as a kid, so I love the idea of Lego Math Fractions for my tactile boy!

lego math fractions

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I grabbed my younger son’s LEGO Duplo Set and put together a few pieces. Then I made matching fractions on index cards. The boy was asked to match the correct index card to the right lego set.

Lego Math Fractions

Once we were finished with the few pieces I had made I suggested, “put all the red and blues together let’s see what we get”, and “add all the green and whites together, what does that make”. He flipped over the index cards and wrote new fractions.

lego math fractions

I had no idea what we’d come up with, and it’s ok not to have a formula! This might scare many women who love the “teacher planners” and play-by-play curriculum prompts. Forget them. Have fun and see what happens.  The biggest thing we ran into was the need to reduced fractions that needed to be reduced. (which was neat to “see” 2/4 is the same as 1/2).

This is a great way for tactile kids to make fractions but also for visual kids to see fractions! <~ tweet this!

We made a few fractions with his regular Legos, but they were harder to count since they were so small. Duplos are the perfect size to practice fractions.

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fun building challenge with Gumdrop Engineering!

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great way to build and show off water molecules!

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  • Kat

    Ohhh okay– your subsequent explanation in your response to Samantha made a lot more sense to me. I, too, was confused by the initial instructions. This is a very cool idea, though! Thanks so much for sharing it!! :)

    • Stef

      thank you

  • Samantha Lehmann

    OK – I don’t get it – the pictures are which fractions? You are not going with true fractions? Just the numerical representation. I am auditory and visual so I need mor pics. Is the little green and red duplo mix 3/4th green? Do the 4 tops blocks equal a whole block or just 1/2 ….? If you put all the reds and whites together does it matter what size they are (4 or 8 tops)? Maybe it would be better to use all 4 or 8 tops. Love this idea… hmmm.. I think I am suddenly turning into that mommy who needs more prompting … or a complete mathophob! My kids teach me! ;)HELP

    • Stef

      Pardon? “true fractions”. The pictures are “staged”, not while we were working. I’m not sure what you mean about more photos. In the top picture the yellow and blue blocks for example? That would be 2/3 yellow. 2 shaded 3 blocks total. I didn’t care the size of the blocks – we’re not measuring them out. I’m trying to get my son to “see” how fractions break down. He is in 4th grade. If we combined 4 whites and 5 greens together it would be 4/9 white or 5/9 green.

  • Lauren

    This is pretty perfect! I have one tactile and one visual so far! Bazinga!

  • Deb @ Living Montessori Now

    I love the creative hands-on activities you create, Stef! I pinned your post to my Kids’ Lego Learning Activities board at