February 1, 2015

Easy Way to Learn State Abbreviations

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After we tried Lego Math Fractions I was trying to think of other unique ways of incorporating tactile learning with legos. I came up with an Easy Way to Learn State Abbreviations.

Legos are a fabulous resource to use for tactile and visual learners. But building states isn’t really that easy (I recommend modeling borders with play doh).

If I can paint on our floors then I can write on our blocks!

Easy Way to Learn State Abbreviations


I really think this is a fabulous way for kids to “see” the point of abbreviations. Not sure about abbreviations yourself? 

Easy Way to Learn State Abbreviations

Step 1. Build
Start slow. Work together to write out the state abbreviation on your smaller block.
Build the abbreviation onto a longer block, write the state’s name. (there was no way I could write out all 50 states, try doing groups, regions, etc. Don’t forget blocks have 2 sides!)

Step 2. Break Down
Start slow. Take a few sets at a time, break apart, and then pull 5 to see if your student can match them back together. As the student progresses add more sets to match.

Step 3. Race
Start with all the abbreviations in a pile and all the states in another pile.  See who can build them up the fastest. (if you only have one child working see if they can beat their own time).

TIP: if you’re just starting out use the same colors for abbreviation and state (all red set). As the student progresses change the block colors so they no longer match.

TIP: pick up laminated maps. Use them for posters, labeling, and during meals.

This is also a great idea to start learning states and capitals!  Make hands-one homeschooling fun.

Looking for a resource to learn all 50 States? We love to play games and label maps!
Reading maps? Try our Geography Challenge!

Many people have asked which Lego bricks we use – for writing purposes, we use Lego Duplo Bricks

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  • Mindy

    Oh how clever! I LOVE it!

  • Jamie {See Jamie Blog}

    Fun idea! Thanks for sharing ’cause it’s one of those I’d have NEVER thought of myself!

    • Stef

      you got it – I have a few too many of them, I should start writing down!

  • Ashley Pichea

    What a brilliant idea!! For those of us who are “scared” to write on our LEGOs with permanent markers, using a dry erase marker would also work. :)

    • Heather {Gottes Belle Farm}

      Do not worry about putting permanent marker on these shiney plastic blocks. When/if you ever want it removed, just write over the permanent marker with dry erase marker and wipe it off while it’s still wet. tada, no more marker on the block.

    • Ashley Pichea

      After sharing this “tip” on my FB page w/ a link to the post, one of my readers shared this beauty of a tip: “Dry erase marker takes permanent marker off. So write on those blocks. You will only frustrate yourself with dry erase on the blocks – snapping them together and pulling them apart one time and it will come off.”

    • Stef

      those are dry erase — we handle them pretty good we don’t usually wipe them off.