January 25, 2015

Creating Kindergarten Curriculum

I love kindergarten.  I haven’t taught a kindergarten boy in a long time and I’m really looking forward to it this  year!

Our first year doing this thing I decided to purchase the big name curriculum in a box. It cost me over $400 … for Kindergarten! After a month it was apparent all my Kindergarten boy wanted to do was learn about animals.

Creating Kindergarten Curriculum

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Rather than purchase more science books – I started piecing together free mini unit studies, lapbooks, crafts, and activities. We shelved the box curriculum and did our own thing.  gasp! warning: rebel at heart!!

We started each week off at the library and stocked up on books (and movies) that fit our “theme” for the week. I printed tons of free worksheets that applied to our “theme”. YES – it took time, but it was worth it.  I’m gonna repeat that – it was worth it!  (now we have Pinterest, what a piece of cake)

Creating lessons for your child is highly rewarding.  You know their interests!  You have the ability to create fun ways to learn together and share together because you have the time, together.  Yes, you have the time!  You’d be surprised what you can come up with if you give yourself 30 minutes off Facebook.

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Each week we picked a “theme”.  Literally, “we”.  The boy would say, “I want to learn about seahorses” or I’d ask, “What animal do you want to learn about this week”?

What’s a theme?  Themes can be an animal, a color, a place, a book, a person, or whatever!  For us for a long time it was animals, but when hubs traveled it was places.  

Once the theme was decided we found: books, crafts, movies, games, songs, worksheets, and snacks that all revolved around the “theme”. Think Pete and Repeat – I wanted to repeat our theme as often as possible and since I was planning it we could!

After I printed everything I would see if there were any gaps I could fill in myself.  (vocabulary words, geography, spelling, etc.)

Then I spread everything out over a four day school week (one day for repeats and field trip).  I used a very basic planner like Homeschool Weekly Plans.  This is a simple weekly planner you can print and use too if you like it ~ you’re welcome.

So, what does Creating Kindergarten Curriculum look like, really?
Each week pick a theme, letter, number, and virtue.  Don’t forget bible verse and field trip.
Example: Week One theme: Reptiles, Letter: R, Number: 4, Virtue: Patience and Field Trip: Pet Store.
Monday through Friday I incorporated four activities per day: a craft, book, game, and other project to be done some time during the day.  Other being: music, movie, snack, etc.
Example: Monday: lizard painting, Reptiles DK Eye Wonder, red light green light, and Wild Kratts dvd

When I encouraged the boy to ask questions we would go crazy looking for answers.  The days would fly and we’d be filled full of information, laughter, and quality time spent together.  Hubs was always greeted with excited questions, “did you know, did you know, did you know??”

Those were fun days!  After trying FIAR and seeing little man has no interest in those books  ~ looks like I’ll be creating kindergarten curriculum again.  *FIAR is a great curriculum and I recommend it, however my own son doesn’t like it therefore I need to be flexible and try something different.

Maybe you have a child like mine who wants to do something different? Different does not mean wrong.  It does not mean behind.  Different does not mean mom failure. M’kay?

Print: Homeschool Weekly Plans

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* BIG DISCLAIMER: all children learn differently and homeschool allows children more time to work on a certain subject. My oldest son required 6 extra months to learn how to read when we first  started (putting us “behind”) and now years later is a grade level ahead.

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