January 25, 2015

Hands-On Egyptian Activities

My son’s favorite hands-on projects during our Mystery of History reading was definitely learning about Egypt and the pharaohs. We enjoyed some fun {easy} Hands-On Egyptian Activities.

We first learned about mummification and wrapped up the boy.

hands-on Egyptian activities

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Let me say quickly, I’m not a “scary Halloween” person. We stick to “fall harvest” nice decorations more so than terrifying spooks. So my boys are always happy we learn about Ancient Egypt right around Halloween – it’s also easier to find props and such in the stores!

We also paint a life-size sarcophagus!
hands-on Egyptian Activities

I tape two sheets of drafting paper together (if hubs didn’t bring these home from the office I would tape giant coloring pages together).

I trace out the child. Then we mix yellow and orange to make gold paint. The boy paints his body – then adds fun “jewels” which are buttons to make an ornate headpiece.
He also likes to use glitter and tin foil. A lot of glitter.  We just glue (hot glue) the stuff to our “sarcophagus”.  He’ll draw some hieroglyphics to add a few finishing touches to his masterpiece.  Super easy hands-on Egyptian Activities!

{I’ll actually do this twice – one for human anatomy and bones to do some time later}

Don’t forget to use Legos! Build a pyramid or put together the Sphinx Set!

We’re currently reading the Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid, but an Egyptian funny book we recommend is, You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Pyramid Builder. Although my oldest has read majority of those books – my youngest is now enjoying the humor!

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