January 31, 2015

5 Free Date Night Ideas

Are you planning date nights?  I’ve allowed our budget and available sitters to determine how often we have them! You can enjoy date nights more regularly with these 5 free date night ideas!

5 free date night ideas

I have been married for 12 years – I believe no matter how great a relationship ~ getting some quality quiet time is imperative! Our home, our homeschool, our family is only as strong as we are together. <~ Tweet this!

5 Free Date Night Ideas

1. Early Bedtimes. My children are in bed by 9pm (even my 11yr old), but early bedtime night they go down 30 minutes earlier. This always gives hubs and I more than 2 hours to talk, watch a movie, or play cards. It’s nice to have the house quiet to ourselves.

Tip: wear the kids out early. If you know it’s “early bedtime night” then make sure you don’t have struggles on your end. Make that day a playground day, swimming day, running day, etc. Mention it before bedtime so there are no surprises. It’s so much easier and you deserve the time alone.  Grab or make special dessert to enjoy together.

2. Sneak Out. That’s right – when everyone is asleep {shhhh} sneak out and hold hands under the moon and stars. Take out a glass of wine, cheese, and apples on a blanket. Once hubs woke me up around midnight to see a meteor shower. He was ready with a blanket and we reclined in the grass watching stars. Even though we didn’t stay out for hours ~ it’s still one of my favorite “dates”. And I didn’t nag him to do it or circle the calendar to remind him.

3. Walk It Off. Some evenings we’ve left the boys to play Wii while we’ve taken a walk around the block. Again, my boys are 11 & 6yrs old and they are not left home long alone. If you have an older child let them try out a little 15 minute responsibility * before dark * while you go for a walk.

Tip: take a cell phone with you but do not use it. Really, this is time for y’all not to respond to emails.  The phone is only so your children can contact you – or more so that they feel more comfortable knowing they have a way to contact you.

4. Duck Out. I used to get my feathers all ruffled when a parent would drop off their kids at practice and then leave. {gasp} You know – not stay and watch every single second of karate, soccer, or flag football practice. I was so judgmental.  But as I get older I totally get it. If you have an hour where your children are in the hands of responsible adults – then duck out. It might just be to run around the corner to chat with your man or bring some coffee – do it. I am not saying miss every practice all the time, because you might miss some great things. But there have been AWANA nights (when bang bang shrimp is only $5) we have laughed over an appetizer.

Tip: don’t pick up your children late and abuse this opportunity! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been teaching waiting on parents to show up.

5. Exchange. We are friends with another family – I love with all my heart – and enjoy watching their boys so they can get a date night. They have watched our boys – overnight! – so we could celebrate our anniversary out of town. We do not feel like we owe each other, we do not feel like it’s a burden. We both appreciate and enjoy helping each other! Talk with a church friend, neighbor, or school friend about exchanging date nights.

Tip: don’t make it awkward or demanding like keeping score. Once a friend wanted to do this but she made it seem like it was “her turn” again {sigh} to do us a “favor” {ugh} since we had watched her kids earlier that week.

Date night doesn’t have to be expensive, extravagant, or glamorous – it’s about the two of you being together.  I love having our boys around.  I mean – we homeschool!  But I love having special time with my man to reconnect and be open with him without little ears around. Or interrupting.

date night

5 LIES that prevent date night from happening:

1. You are selfish. You shouldn’t want time alone.
2. Twitter parties / irrelevant tv shows are more entertaining.
3. You’re married – you don’t need ‘dates’.
4. We’ll date when the kids are grown and in college.
5. You don’t trust / can’t find a sitter.

Kick the lies to the curb and enjoy quality time with your husband!

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