February 1, 2015

Cooking with Boys: Granola Bars

It’s fun cooking with boys! This week we used Beauty and Bedlam’s Granola Bar Recipe!

When I was little my mom’s idea of “help cooking” meant setting the table.  I learned very little cooking skills and have had to learn quickly as a wife and mom.  I am usually very uncomfortable in the kitchen.  I would hate for my boys to feel the same way.  Hopefully they’ll enjoy cooking as much as their dad does!  Boy oh boy can he cook!

Cooking with Boys: Granola Bars

If I’ve learned one thing it’s no matter what you’re cooking or with whom, always allow enough time so you are NOT rushed! Cooking with anyone in the kitchen requires a lot of patience and grace! Prepare your face with a smile before you even get started.

cooking with boys granola bars

Make it Fun!

Keep an ear out for funny sayings.  Little man was pretty interested in the melted butter and brown sugar mixture.  “Look at this mud!”

For this Granola Bar Recipe little man helped by:

  • melting butter in microwave
  • pouring out measured amounts into a larger bowl
  • stir / mixing, (but his hands hurt quickly – wooden spoon may have been too thick for his little hands)
  • dumping chocolate chips and eating a few too
  • helping “pat down” mixture into the pan
  • setting the timer
  • cleaning up

I can not stress the importance of making “clean up” part of the cooking process.

cooking with boys clean up

I have always had a lazy “soak & do it later” attitude.  Okay, yes lasagna dishes can soak.  But not every dish – every meal – and then the overwhelming sink monster turns everyone into meanies.  Just my house?  Teach your children clean as you go and it’s easier on everyone!

Big thanks to Beauty and Bedlam for posting such a kid-friendly recipe!  Can’t wait to share what we cook up next!!


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  • http://www.dottodotconnections.weebly.com Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections

    Great post! Getting the kids to help in the kitchen is so important! I didn’t know much about cooking when I got married either! My 9 year old is already miles ahead of where I was when I got married :) Best of all, she actually likes working in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing!