January 26, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up – survey results

Here is a little post about survey results, where I went wrong blogging, and where I’m going.

educating laytons

Last week I sent out a reader survey in hopes of seeing what y’all get the most out of here.  I’ve been blogging since 2007 and I can say I’ve posted on so many different topics.  As my boys grow and need more intentional time – I want to be spending the right amount of time here on the right things.

Wrap Up Posts have been great for me to see how much we flip flop projects and what doesn’t get done. Only 5% of my readers actually enjoy reading these wrap ups. (thanks y’all, love you too).

So rather than waste time showing you what real life homeschooling looks like by editing photos, listing all our projects, etc. this will be my last wrap up post! Follow me on Instagram if you want to see what we’re doing!

Where I went wrong …

Blog Question, what one word would you use to describe EL to a friend: ok, mom of a boy my son’s age, insightful, boy-friendly, Hands-on!, Boyschooling (I’m sure that’s a word), informative, Homeschool, fun, helpful, educational, real, Encouraging, great. {I did remove repeated words, hands-on being the most popular}

Every time I think about “ok” I can’t help but bust a gut laughing. Cause that’s exactly what I’m doing here living homeschool life online – shooting for the “ok” mark. I’ll be going about the laundry and just start laughing, “ok”.  Washing dishes, “ok”.  As far as descriptive words go … ok wasn’t what I had in mind.

What do the Educating Laytons “readers” want? 28% want hands-on activities.  22% want free worksheets and printables. 20% like the general homeschool posts.  

Another interesting survey fact – 65% of my readers have not purchased one of our ebooks. More than half of my readers!!  Not sure if any of those were free reviews, but I’m thrilled I could seal the deal with the community here. Thank you to the 12% who purchased more than one ebook.

14% of my readers do not follow me on any social media platform (Pinterest, IG, Twitter, nor FB). NONE! So much for leading that break out session on cultivating online community. #bloggerfail

 I’m a little relieved at least 12% like the faith / SOAP Worksheets!  I am thankful for you, because if you’re going to get something for free be it something that has eternal value!

Can we give a little woo woo for the 12% of my readers who are not homeschooling?  That actually is better than “ok”.  That’s awesome! 

So as we finish enjoying Spring Break and look forward to what’s next at Educating Laytons — honestly, I’m really not sure.  I love offering the freebies – but the truth is: I no longer have time with two active growing boys to be a slot machine for free curriculum.  <~ that’s something a woman with napping toddlers or an empty-nester can do far better than me!! I’m not getting paid to blog – it’s a time robber.

Last summer I feared the drop in pageviews, so I did the scavenger hunts to keep readers coming back.  I even had 100 subscribers sign up in 2 weeks time because I was emailing them three free hunts a week.  It was crazy work for me, but I was growing!

Growth and community are two different things. I got goofy focusing on the wrong one.

I don’t have a heart for the gimmicks this summer.  I want to connect with intentional moms!  I want to use this space to help moms to raise up their children in a way that 1. honors God 2. is fun and 3. creates lasting memories!

So if you’re a Christian mom – please follow me on twitter, shout out and introduce yourself!  Or do it on Instagram!  Let’s encourage one another and spur each other on.

If you’re just looking for free stuff – there are plenty of other sites out there offering much better stuff.  Better than “ok”.


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  • http://learningcurvey.blogspot.com/ Joesette

    I’m really sad to see you leave the weekly wrap up world, as that’s how I found you and got connected, and I love reading your posts (I’d say you’re super-duper instead of just “ok”). Having said that, I so totally get what your saying. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and try as I may I can’t get a huge following, mostly because I don’t do printables and freebies etc. (At least I’ll assume that’s why and not that I’m a horrible blogger.) But you know, I’m blogging about what I’m doing with my kids, not trying to educate everyone else’s for them…so I’m good with being even less than “ok”, grins.

    I’m excited though to see the new path God leads you on!

    • Stef

      Thanks Joesette – that’s how I found your blog too! I absolutely LOVE what you wrote, “I’m blogging about what I’m doing with my kids, not trying to educate everyone else’s for them” <~ that was a bomb of a revelation this weekend. THANK YOU!!!

  • http://homeschooljournal-bergblog.blogspot.com/ Phyllis at All Things Beautiful

    I am in the few that read your wrap-ups, so I am sad you are not going to be doing them any more, but I understand. I agree that you are much more than OK.

    • Stef

      thank you Phyllis for the kind words!

  • http://www.joyfullmom.com Andrea

    You are so stinkin’ cute, first of all. I get this. It’s easy to want to focus on growth – I do it too often. When I first returned to blogging, I thought I’d do it by sharing all these great preschooler activity ideas I had floating in my tired (albeit napping toddler) brain. Sure, some of the better ones got way more hits, but I really just want to share my heart, and cheer others on as we journey to raise kids who love Jesus. Since I switched, my growth has sloooowed. And I hate that. But I feel better about being true to myself. (By the way, If I was a homeschooling mommy, I’d definitely be inspired by what you do with your kiddos and I love seeing what you’re up to on Instagram!)

    • Stef

      you are sunshine on my rainy day. appreciate you!!

  • http://www.homeschoolcamper.blogspot.com Chrystal

    So sorry to hear the wrap ups are ending. I personally think you’re better than “ok”. Keep it up and keep your chin up some day’s we’re all looked at as “ok”

    • Stef

      thanks Chrystal – I feel better than “ok” too! =)