February 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up – Progress

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This week I just want to shout – really loud – just because I’m seeing progress!

Progress in sibling behavior {praise God}, progress in pre-teen attitudes, progress in homeschool, progress in our hunt for a middle school “umbrella school” for next year, progress on the scale {24 Day Challenge}, and progress in my sleeping habits {praise God}!

5th Grade

The boy is loving the daily Problem Solving questions. The last book arrived for Elemental Science - so we learned about stars and measured light years by melting a Hersey Bar.

elemental science experiment

We started Lesson 3 – Writing Adventure in WriteShop. I can not praise that writing curriculum enough.

The boy is reading What Was the Alamo? He wanted to start reading about battles and wars, so I picked it up this week. He was actually really upset about what happened – and we’re not even from Texas!

We started reading The Serpent’s Shadow. And when I say “we” that means I read to him. He sits on the couch with the Survival Guide, and listens.  I cherish these times.  I hope when he looks back on his upbringing he remembers these moments!



Little Man loves his Kindergarten friends! We’ve decided he will stay at the co-op he attends for next year.

We picked up a few more chapter books this week, Captain Awesome Takes a Dive. It’s funny because the boy now wants to read to his little brother. He is finally starting to read with inflection – no longer the monotone just get-it-done reading.

Also this week – everyone enjoyed a trip to the eye dr. and picked out new frames.  Little man also has an astigmatism and his “depth perception” is … “off”.

Might explain all the bumps and bruises this kids gets.  I just thought he was clumsy!


I feel like I saw a thumb print of a cloud and feel more optimistic than I have lately.  Brick Building eBooks are doing great and we decided on our 5th one! Brick Bible Stories – will be released the week before Easter.  I’m sharing past creations, tips & ideas on the new Facebook page!

Random stuff

this week

We are SO enjoying hubs being home all week! Travel is starting back up so we know what’s on the horizon.

Chess has become the after dinner fun again since we purchased a new board. {not naming any names but a certain little boy lost majority of the pieces to our last set}  I taught hubs how to play years ago and he taught the boy.  It’s funny, because the boy thinks I’m this awesome player.  I just take more time and catch his mistakes.  Since the board includes Backgammon I’d like to relearn that game.  I grew up with an amazing collection of board games – we were never bored.


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  • http://www.ourcountryroad.blogspot.com Lisa @Our Country Road

    Yay for a new chess board!! We love playing here, too. Looking forward to your new brick book!

  • http://gravatar.com/weirdunsocializedhomeschoolmom Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

    Any science experiment that involves food is a good science experiment. :)

  • http://homeschooljournal-bergblog.blogspot.com/ Phyllis at All Things Beautiful

    I love the collages! The photo of the K boys is adorable. I cherish the fact that my boys still enjoy me reading to them.

  • http://thesunnypatch.ca Tonia

    Wohoo for progress! I was just saying that I was finally seeing progress with my daughter’s writing skills. It’s so great to see hard work pay off.

    Love the pic of your boy with his friends – they look like a very fun group of kids!

  • http://mamabalancingitall.blogspot.com Jessy at A Great Balancing Act

    Awesome on the progress! I wish I was having sleep progress! Gosh – I’m longing for a full night of good sleep! LOL Love the Kindergarten glasses photo! Fun stuff! So, who won the chess game?

  • http://learningcurvey.blogspot.com/ Joesette

    Yippee for progress!! It sounds like a great week to me!

  • http://homeschoolgirls.net Karen

    It’s nice to be able to see progress when you have had a bit of a hard time. That is true for all of these walks we take; homeschool and personal. The Problem Solving book sounds interesting. Do they have it for upper grades? Keilee has an astigmatism too. It can be corrected but not perfectly. I learned to play chess years and years ago but was never very good. We love backgammon though! Happy weekend Stef.