January 25, 2015

12 Real Insects – Review

If you do not like bugs or your children do not want to touch bugs – I found the perfect resource for you!

12 real insects

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12 Real Insects

First let’s talk about the cost. I purchased this case of 12 real bugs from Amazon for $39.99 (not including shipping – prime not available).

We’re a tactile family spending light on “curriculum” and heavy on “resources”.

I think this is a commitment considering all the other resources I have gotten throughout the year already. If you are going to study bugs more than 1 day – then this set will interest you.  If you have more than one child this set will interest you!

The set includes 11 bugs – 1 bug is a scorpion, an arachnid. Which is technically NOT a bug and another bug could have been used in it’s place.  But we did use the (small) scorpion for comparing / contrasting.

The Guide

12 real bugs guide

The small guide, and I repeat SMALL guide that fits in your palm only offers scientific namesno common names. I have been spoiled with DK EyeWonder Bugs and EyeWitness Butterflies, so I expect beautiful illustrations and lots of information.

We had to do much googling to figure out names. It just meant more work for my 5th grader.  We used The Homeschool Scientist’s Insect Worksheet as we identified these bugs. <~ I definitely recommend a worksheet as you’re learning about your bug!

The guide also shows the bugs much more vibrant and colorful.  I had quite a time explaining / reassuring the boys that the bug was in fact that same bug in the guide. Which I will say it turned into a good lesson to prove the bug was a certain bug by other markings, size, etc.  If you like a challenge or offering your students a challenge then this will not bother you at all!

I did not buy the set for the guide. 

6yr old Opinion:

For the younger boy he was not thrilled the bugs were “just black and brown.” Especially when you think you’re getting a red butterfly from the box, but the wings are pulled in and closed (picture above).  Another bug looks metallic reddish from the box, but it is only slightly red.  There is a pretty green bug in the set.  The wasp is not that vibrant yellow either.

12 real insects review

The Set Itself

I liked that the casings are very durable and light. I appreciate that they come in a box for easy storage.

The set also comes with a small magnifying glass.  It works fine, but I purchased a bigger magnifying glass.

Other Reviews

I’ve read the Amazon reviews for this product and many people complained of “bubbles” in the casing.  I only saw 1 bubble in the whole set. I’m happy about that! However 2 insects did have a leg detached, but the leg was still in the casing. 

Overall Thoughts

If you {or your students} do not like bugs, do not want to catch bugs, nor want to handle bugs – this is a great resource!  Being allergic to bees I would never want to even consider catching a wasp to examine.  I have 3 girls in my science class who are not thrilled about bugs or dead things, but they really got into the lesson.

I like our 12 real bugs.

*I purchased 12 Real Bugs myself for the purpose of our April Bug Unit Study.  All opinions are honest and my own experience using this product.*

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  • http://www.ourcountryroad.blogspot.com Lisa @Our Country Road

    Ack!! You’re looking at bugs, I’m making fake skin, the things we do for education. I wish I could hire someone *just* to do the gross stuff. That said, we have a very old basement that gets wet in the spring and creepy crawly weird bugs come in. Then it dries out and the bugs die. It’s an old cellar with a dirt floor, so that’s why I don’t keep it too clean. Anyways…at the end of summer we always have some bugs to look at. Yay us, lol!

  • http://www.dottodotconnections.weebly.com Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections

    We have a bug set that is similar to this. (I don’t remember what it’s called. I got it at Peavey Mart.) My son loves bugs, so we got it as a Christmas gift for him a couple of years ago. The realistic-looking, plastic bugs are great for so many school projects! Where we live we don’t see bugs for many months, thanks to long, cold winters, but our plastic bugs help us keep learning about bugs in the winter :) Thank you for sharing about your Real Bugs!