January 30, 2015

April Arm Challenge

I am working on an April Arm Challenge!

Why arms? I live in Florida – summer here brings out one style of clothing sleeveless.

april arm collage

April Arm Challenge

Why just “arms”.  
First – when I look at overall health and pounds I get easily overwhelmed.  I haven’t had much success because I am one of those: it’s too hard, I can’t see the end, why bother types.  

Wanna brainstorm and come up with plans – I’m your girl.  Wanna see something to the end – you need to find someone else.   I’ve realized I do better with little chunks and focusing on small targets.

What do I hope to accomplish?

  1. tone up my flabby non-existent triceps. <~ main goal !!  loose overall arm inches. (I’m currently 13″ around bicep –  did you just faint? - my husband is 14″ but he’s all muscle)
  2. be able to do chin-ups. (one. one chin up – no cheating)
  3. regularly use the new-to-me bench a friend gifted me.
  4. hold a plank for 2 minutes w/o shaking. (I realize this is core too)
  5. create a new healthy habit of lifting.

How am I doing it?

Basic arm exercises!  I’m not downloading an app, using a dvd, telling you to buy one, or what not.  I’m just going to focus on a few basic tried and true arm exercises the whole month.  Of course – I’m eating cleaner and drinking more water too.

Do I think it only takes 30 days to get awesome arm muscles?

Nope, but I think it’s a great time to start a good habit! Why not at least try?!

Do you have a healthy fitness goal this month?

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  • http://cherylpitt.com Cheryl Pitt

    I. Love. You. I was just shaking my flabby triceps last night.