January 26, 2015

Hands-On BUGS!

“Bugs are neat, but they have a million legs.” my 6yr old declares. I remind him that they only really have 6-legs, that all insects have 6 legs. He looks at me confused and asks, “what’s an insect?”

hands-on bugs

You know, the moment you remember all those amazing flying, creepy, crawly things you did years ago were for the older sibling. Now you have a brand new student eager for Hands-On BUGS!

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Once searching for some bug resources I realized not only is the above slug not a bug … we did the bug thing when my oldest was much younger than six.

All the cute little crafts on Pinterest are fun for 3 & 4 yr olds. But I’m doing this again with an older 6yr old.  {any one else feeling Pinterest is good for food I shouldn’t eat, exercises I don’t do, and little kid crafts?}

 Even our Play Doh Activity Sheet: Bugs, is a bit too young now.  I went hunting to find something that would still be an interest for the older boy as well as something fun for the younger boy.

Hands-On BUGS!

I grabbed Amanda Bennett’s Download N Go Incredible Insects.  These studies are geared for K-4th grade but can be adapted for older students. I like them because they’re full of great info and it’s download once print twice.  A smarter homeschooler watches the Facebook page for sales and picks these up for $5!

So on a bug hunt we went.  I love this post at BIP, Five Ways to Make a Bug Trap. <~ if that’s not a boy challenge … game on!

Once you snag some bugs – be sure to write, draw, and 3-hole punch as much information as humanly possible especially if you’re a worksheet loving mama like me!

hands-on bugs

We pulled out our “twist” microscope to get a better glimpse of some bug business.  Then we decided the best way to attract bugs is to plant “bug friendly” plants.

friendly bug plants

I picked up a few Florida sunshine loving plants at Lowe’s. You can find out what “zone” you live in with this USDA Plant Hardiness Map. (because with keeping plants alive I’m far out of my “comfort zone” … hold on, you’ll get it)

While we’re waiting for our “good bugs” to notice the new transplants – I purchased 12 Real Insects.  I’ll be using these with my Tuesday science co-op very soon! (insert evil scientist laugh)

Who could forget our BUG Snacks?  Certainly not my boys!  Finally edible bugs.  Grab icing and graham crackers – easy!!

Hands-On Bugs Resources:

Insect Worksheet via The Homeschool Scientist
Live Butterfly Garden

DK EyeWitness Butterfly & Moth
Insect Field Guide
Magnifying Glass
12 Real Insects

I’m thrilled to partner with Insect Lore this month to review their Live Ladybug Land and Bug Catcher!

insect lore

Insect Lore is the Original Butterflies-By-Mail Company; our founder created our butterfly-raising kit over 40 years ago with the goal of enabling children to watch the miracle of metamorphosis up close in their own home or classroom.

If you love science and bugs, Follow Insect Lore: Facebook | Twitter

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  • http://keepinglifecreative.com Pam @ Keeping Life Creative

    Thanks for these great resources! We’re doing bugs/insects soon, and I have an 8-year-old boy who doesn’t get so excited about the cutesy projects anymore. lol

    • Stef

      thanks Pam – I have a few more ideas I’ll be sharing this month!!