January 25, 2015

Learning with Star Wars (and a huge giveaway)!

If you haven’t noticed ~ I try to incorporate everything my children like into their education.  It sure makes for excited fun learners!

learning with star wars

We’ve used great books for Notebooking opportunities: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and How to Train Your Dragon.  We’ve used great books to teach Geography – Percy Jackson adventures are always traveling!  We’ve also used Harry Potter books for some fun crafts and animal science lesson we couldn’t find on Pinterest.

Learning with Star Wars!

Obviously astronomy and Star Wars go hand in hand! Even though we will not be flying to Naboo – we might cruise around other planets and learn about the ones in our own solar system.

Hands-On Astronomy Projects

Language Arts Projects

  • Correct Yoda quotes, like this one: “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” 
  • Write an adventure short story: Star Wars, “episode yours”.
  • Create a Star Wars comic book – focus on character dialogue.
  • Fill out our favorite free Character Sketch of your favorite Star Wars character! (Notebooking Fairy)

Get Creative

Build, draw, paint, or sketch your favorite Star Wars characters!

Star Wars Giveaway

learning with Star Wars

one (1) ultimate Star Wars prize pack, over $150:
Giveaway Dates (Sat 5/3 – Sat 5/10)

  • LEGO Star Wars Jedi Interceptor (value $24.99)
  • Star Wars: Mega Models (value $12.99)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles (value $18.99)
  • Star Wars: Complete Vehicles (value $35.00)
  • LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (value $18.99)
  • Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide (value $24.99)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary: Updated and Expanded (value $21.99)
  • 6 bloggers are participating with educational or crafty Star Wars ideas.

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Check out these 5 other bloggers with great educational or crafty Star Wars ideas:

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  • Lauren

    My son would love this, he’s a huge Star Wars and lego fan.

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    My son would go crazy if we won! So cool.

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